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Kasabian Weigh In On Metallica Debate Ahead Of Glastonbury Headline Slot (EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW, VIDEO)

With just two weeks to go until Glastonbury Music Festival kicks off, Kasabian have weighed in on the debate over whether Metallica are suitable headliners for the festival.

Speaking to HuffPostUK ahead of their London HMV Studio performance, lead singer Tom Meighan gave his views on the Eavis family’s decision to book the rockers, giving them his full support.

“They’re going to be different but who do you f***ing want on stage," he asked. "The Beach Boys?!”

Tom Meighan

Tom also hit out at fans who have rushed to criticise the ‘One’ creators, telling us: “I love Metallica. Everyone’s complaining but [Metallica] can take it anywhere.”

“They’ve been around the block,” he added. “People will be surprised.

“They’re a heavy metal band so everyone’s going to panic, but Metallica are great.

“Metallica will be good,” he nodded. “They’ll be fantastic, trust me.”

Watch an exclusive video of Kasabian’s perform tracks from '48:13' above.

Kasabian perform at HMV's Oxford Street store

Kasabian first performed at Glastonbury ten years ago, opening the Other Stage the morning after a gig in London - a plan that, by Tom’s own admission, wasn’t their best idea.

“We were 23 then, we stayed up all night, went on stage with no sleep which is incredible,” he told us.

So how have they been preparing to headline the festival in two weeks’ time?

“We’ve already gone over all the old material, touched it up and repainted it,” he said. “Everything is sounding great.

“We’ve gotta keep the old songs so we enjoy playing them… They can get a bit old hat.”

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Their newest album ‘48:13’ - which Tom is certain will go to number one - was released just days ago. Are they concerned fans might be more interested in hearing older tracks?

Y’know what, the weird thing is I don’t worry about it,” he shrugs. “We’ll mix it together.”

The band even have their Glastonbury set planned already - “Yup, all done”, he tells us - but what if fans don’t enjoy the newer, more hip-hop inspired songs?

“I’m not bothered,” Tom says. “F*** em!”

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