It didn't stop it from being a powerhouse moment though.
Lady Gaga is not someone who’s known for doing things by halves, as she’s demonstrated once again, with this impressive tattoo
GaGa apparently got a full-back tattoo as a tribute to the band before the show, but it's pretty unclear whether it's even
There were some technical difficulties during Metallica and Lady Gaga’s performance, but they still performed their hearts out.
Gaga appears to have had a massive moth etched on her back, seemingly so she will remember their performance of ‘Moth Into
Music fans descended on Reading Festival in their thousands over the weekend, enjoying sets from the likes of The Libertines
I went to Reading Festival this weekend. I've been going virtually every year since my first time in 1989, apart from when I got banned, which is a long story (yes, I really am that old and yes, I really did get banned). And you know what? It was still absolutely brilliant.
Lollapalooza Festival rolls into town this weekend - wherever you happen to be, courtesy of our EXCLUSIVE LIVE STREAM above