Luisa Zissman Reveals She'd Pose Naked(ish) For Playboy For Half A Million Quid... Which Would Help Pay For Her £48K Shoe Habit

Luisa Names Her Price To Pose Naked In Playboy

Luisa Zissman has flashed so much flesh in her short but glittering career that I just assumed she'd already got her kit off for Playboy, but not so by all accounts.

For reasons only known to the 'Apprentice' runner-up, she was bragging chatting to Martin 'Money Saving Expert' Lewis Smith about her finances on 'This Morning' earlier today when, instead of advising her on ISAs and pension schemes, he asked her how much it would take for her to pose in the men's mag.

Luisa Zissman

Now, I don't know about you, but if my bank manager asked me that I'd tell him to shove his free piggy bank where the sun don't shine and start hiding my cash under my mattress.

ANYway... after confessing she was paid around £20K to pose in her smalls for a certain lads' magazine after her stint on 'Celebrity Big Brother, Marty asked her if she'd ever do Playboy.

"I quite like Playboy," Luisa teased. "I think it's a bit of an institution to be honest, but I don't know if I'd do fully nude.

"But everyone has a price, so they'd have to come knocking."

Cue Martin, very thoughtfully, doing a spot of bartering on behalf of The Heff.

Martin: "Half a million?"

Luisa: "Yeah, I'd do it for that."

Martin: "Quarter of a million?"

Luisa: "I'd have to consider it...."

Martin: "A hundred thousand?"

Luisa: "No!"

Well, you can't really blame Luisa for wanting more than £100K to go the full monty, because she also revealed she was paid more than that to appear on 'Celebrity Big Brother'.

And considering she let Dappy put his head up her top and spent some QT with Jasmine Waltz in the bath, I'd say they got their money's worth.

Luisa Zissman: Her 100 Sexiest Pictures

Luisa Zissman: Her 100 Sexiest Pictures

Luisa then went on to confess that her shoe collection is worth almost £50k.


"I am a bit of a spender and I spend it on shoes," she explained. "I probably have about two hundred and fifty pairs of shoes.

"I think I have about fifty pairs at the hundred pound mark, another fifty at the four hundred pound mark, quite a few at eight hundred, one pair at £2,500, another pair at £2,000 and one pair at £1,600."

Imelda Marcos would be proud.

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