Ukip's Nigel Farage 'Is Like Simon Cowell', Labour Is 'A Slob On A Sofa,' Poll Compares

We're not sure who's going to be more insulted by the comparison, but voters apparently think Simon Cowell and Nigel Farage have some similarities.

A focus group said the Ukip leader reminded them of the X Factor media mogul because the party is so dependent on Farage's "celebrity status".

The party is “a change” and “listening to what people say”, which “could be quite exciting. Or it could be disastrous," the poll revealed.

As well as choosing a picture of Cowell, the focus group chose a photo of a Union Jack to represent Ukip. The words chosen by participants as being associated with the party were "dangerous" and "hope."

Apart from the view among some that the party’s approach depended on instilling or exploiting fear, some felt the party was dangerous because of its less well-known ideas.

“They scare the living daylights out of me. They’ve cottoned onto one major thing but no-one knows what else they’re on about," one participant of the poll said.

The research, which took place in Halifax, West Yorkshire, and Thurrock in Essex, was commissioned by Tory grandee Lord Ashcroft.

"Many gave Farage credit for having a refreshingly unstuffy approach and answering interviewers’ questions rather than avoiding them," Lord Ashcroft said.

"Again, though, the unknown characters in the background were a cause for concern."

One participant said: "Farage comes over brilliantly, but some of the others are absolute nutcases. There are some serious loons.”

The most popular photo to represent the Conservatives, meanwhile, was a well-heeled family outside a country house, while one of the words chosen to describe them was "out-of-touch."

The Tories are also seen as "sensible" and "aggressive", while many panel members chose a photo of Big Ben to show they were too focused on London.

Rather tragically, when asked to come up with an image associated with Labour, the panel chose one of a man slouched on a sofa with a beer.

One panel member said they chose the slob to represent Miliband’s party because: "Labour encourage that kind of behaviour. They make it too easy for people not to work and earn their money."

The focus groups were asked to choose words to describe the party, the top choices were "weak", "confused" and "dull".

In fresh embarrassment for the Labour leader, Miliband was today told he "could not expect to be taken seriously," as the battle rages on between the Labour leader and the Sun Newspaper.

Harriet Harman rather succinctly summed up the Labour party's total confusion over Miliband's controversial decision to pose with a copy of The Sun - and his subsequent apology over doing so.

The Deputy Labour leader said Ed was right to pose with the newspaper, but also right to apologise for it.

His "backing down" over the furore was labelled "weak" and indecisive.

Anne-Marie Crampton

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