Nokia's Wireless Charging Trousers: The Absurdist Tech Clothing Of Your Dreams

You Don't Think You Needed Wireless Tech Trousers, But You Do

Nokia has built some wireless-charging trousers. That's right, they're trousers that'll wirelessly charge your phone as you walk.

Before you imagine some DIY-style contraption liable to burst into flames in a strong breeze... don't, these are seriously nice trousers, created in collaboration with A. Sauvage.

The collaboration is part of Sauvage's look at the 'Modern Man' of 2014 -- and what could be more modern than some effortlessly stylish tailoring blended with modern technology?

How they did it is actually remarkably simple. The team essentially took a Nokia DC-50 wireless charging plate apart, removing all the bulky design packaging, and then seamlessly integrated it into the trousers.

Nokia have yet to actually reveal what's powering the trousers, or indeed whether you're pockets are likely to get a tad warm. But as a concept, we're happy to overlook these minor holes.

Nokia has been leading the way with wireless charging with almost all of its flagship handsets offering the technology as standard.

If you're a coffee drinker as well as a Nokia owner you'll be doubly pleased as Starbucks has started rolling out wireless charging pads in many of its coffee shops.


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