‘Susanna Reid Should Ignore Critics': Bill Turnbull Shows Support For 'Good Morning Britain' Presenter

Bill Turnbull has spoken out in support of his former 'BBC Breakfast' colleague Susanna Reid, stating she shouldn’t take criticism personally.

Susanna has been fronting ‘Good Morning Britain’ since it launched in April, however, the show has been heavily criticised and viewing figures have dropped considerably in recent weeks.

Bill and Susanna on the BBC Breakfast sofa

Now Bill, who still presents 'BBC Breakfast', has said Susanna needs to make sure she doesn’t let critics bother her.

Susanna Reid

This is the second time Bill has given Susanna’s new venture his full support. Last month, he revealed that he’d been watching the show.

“I have had a quick look once or twice at ‘Good Morning Britain’. It’s interesting,” he said. “Susanna is a great presenter and has brought a lot to the programme.”

Susanna Reid

Susanna Reid

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