Student Photographs Two 'UFOs' Floating Eerily In The Sky In Otago Harbour, New Zealand

Otago Daily Times

A student has photographed what he claims to be two UFOs floating eerily above a harbour in New Zealand late at night.

Terence Huang, a 25-year-old originally from China, took the pictures of Otago Harbour while with two friends, but said he only saw the mysterious objects once he had looked at the images.

"I had a brief look at the photos last night, but it was late and cold so we went home," he told Otago Daily Times.

A closeup of the mysterious objects

However a spokesperson for New Zealand Skeptics said: "Not only is it far too easy to fake something, but it is also very common for digital artefacts to be misconstrued.

"Certainly it doesn't look very solid at all, which I think supports the reflection theory."

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