11 Celebrities You Never Realised Starred In A Video Game

11 Celebrities Who Appeared In Games They Really Shouldn't Have

Celebrities just can't help themselves. Not content with making it into some of the world's biggest films, TV programmes, magazines and websites, they also want to breakthrough into the sacred world of gaming.

Whether it's Rip Torn giving it his all as a Greek God, or Nathan Fillion and the entire cast of 'Firefly' appearing in Halo purely because, well, they really like Halo, they've all done it -- and with wildly varying degrees of success.

Hidden amongst these are some real gems, both good and bad. For example did you know Justin Bieber is in NBA 2K13? Whether you like it or not he's in there, boasting some of the best stats you've ever seen.

Thankfully to help compensate for these discoveries is the news that Phil Collins appeared in Grand Theft Auto, while Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst appeared in the videogame version of 'Fight Club'.

And then there's Charlie Brooker.

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