An ex gaming addict designed the device with his long-suffering dad.
How about a beer advert where older men and women are gathered in someone’s living room playing 'Call of Duty'?
One in four children have been contacted online by someone they don’t know, new research shows.
Every year, the iPhone is upgraded and replaced, and suddenly your new phone doesn't seem so new anymore. As a selling model this obviously works quite wells, as Apple currently sit at the top of the tech industry money pile. But can the same model work for videogames?
It's an argument that arises every time a new game is shown, and with it being E3 week, it's an argument we're seeing a lot. "Graphics aren't what's important," people will say, pointing to games of yesteryear. "Gameplay is the only thing that matters in games."
No-one likes a delay, and it seems weird to have a finished console just sitting on a shelf waiting to be released, but by delaying to Christmas Nintendo can improve the launch games and make sure the console is as perfect as they can possibly make it before unleashing it onto the world.
From here on out, I will be delving into spoiler territory for the game. If you haven't played it and have thus far remained spoiler-free, please go buy it and play it. Because I daresay you won't enjoy it as much if you read on.
Recently, Sega announced that Valkyria Chronicles is getting a reboot in the form of Aoki Kakumei no Valkyria. While the game looks to have a more RPG lean than previous entries in the series, I for one am delighted that one of my favourite games from last generation isn't getting completely dead and buried like I originally feared.
It's in that delirious enjoyment of seeing the words of a long-forgotten franchise flash up on stage that you forget how everything could go wrong. But things can go wrong. Remembering that is what shades you from disappointment.
Doom is unrelenting in its dedication to gore and challenge. It's a careful balance throughout, making you struggle to overcome certain areas and treating you to a gory display as you finally wipe your enemies from the screen.