Kelly Brook And Fiancé David McIntosh Share Selfie On Instagram Wearing Face Masks (PIC)

Looking at David McIntosh, it’s clear he’s a man who’s not averse to a bit of grooming, so we aren’t massively surprised to see this picture of him enjoying a face mask with his fiancée Kelly Brook.

Kelly uploaded this picture to her Instagram this week, and while she and David stayed in the luxurious Shangri-La Hotel at The Shard they obviously felt like keeping the extravagance going and indulged in a little pampering.

Of course, never missing the opportunity for a selfie, the couple cosied up in their bathroom mirror and posted this photo online.

As well as the photo, Kelly added the caption: “Couples that look good together, Stay together.”

We’re not sure about the “looking good” part of that, Kel - we have to admit those face masks are a tiny bit scary - but we’re sure when David’s T-zone is looking flawless later on it will all have been worth it.

As for the “staying together” part, it’s good to see that Kelly and David are in it for the long haul, as just last week he branded the idea he was only going out with Kelly for fame “ridiculous”.

The loved up star recently spoke about David’s proposal - which followed a whirlwind romance of just 11 weeks - claiming it was a “humbling” experience and praised her hunky husband-to-be.

Meanwhile, Kelly and David aren't the only stars to share a "face mask selfie" as the Queen of Pop herself, Madonnatreated - and slightly terrified - her Instagram followers with one recently.

Michelle Heaton

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