11 Reasons You Should Get Out Of The Office Right Now

11 Reasons You Should Ditch The Office Right Now
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Millions of Britons will now be able to get out of the office thanks to new government reforms allowing people to embrace "flexible working".

This means employers will have to consider any request to work differently, rather than turning up every day, in a 'reasonable manner", in a new move to help more Britons' get the ideal work-life balance.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg welcomed the move as a "crucial milestone" in helping people "balance their family life with work and caring responsibilities".

The reason people are so excited about the greater scope for flexible working is the potential, as people are not chained to their desks and can get their work done on the move and whenever they like. Thanks to laptops and smartphones, this means you can swap the office for working in a coffee shop, or up a tree, or even on the beach.

To mark the occasion, HuffPost UK has rounded up eleven reasons you should ditch the office right now.

You'll be less stressed

11 Reasons You Should Get Out Of The Office Right Now