Woman Shot At Gun Show By Man Trying To Sell Her A Holster (VIDEO)

NEW YORK -- A woman attending a gun show in Pennsylvania was accidently shot in the leg by a man trying to sell her a holster. The vendor, Geoffrey Hawk, could now face criminal charges after the incident at the Eagle Arms gun show in Bloomsburg on Saturday.

According to AP, Hawk, 44, told police he was showing a concealed-carry wallet holster to Krista Gearhart, 25, who was shot in the thigh. The vendor said he thought the gun was unloaded while showing the firearm at the booth.

Hawk was looking after the booth for his business, called In Case of Emergency

Gearhart was taken to hospital but later released. Hawk told police that there was a possibility that someone had loaded the gun, which was on display, while he was carrying out background checks on other customers.

According to the gun show organizer Joel Koehler, there is a large sign at the entrance to the show that says “No Loaded Weapons”.

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