How Do You Explain Colours To A Blind Person?

Here's a question many of us will have pondered at one point in our lives: how do you explain colours to a blind person?

Our first instinct is to describe objects normally found in that colour - leaves are green, the ocean is blue - but then you realise that if the person has been blind since birth, they won't have these visual references.

Instead it makes much more sense to explain how the colours feel - purple is deep and mysterious - and what they are associated with.

Tommy Edison, who has been blind since birth, asked people to take on this challenge and describe the colours red, green, purple, grey, blue, brown, and pink.

Tommy has attracted many YouTube followers for his honest depiction of life as a blind person, and decided to take his series to the VidCon, (a multi-genre online video convention) where he got some informative and hilarious answers.