Lindsay Lohan 'On Final Warning' From 'Speed The Plow' Director After Showing Up 'Late And Unprepared' To Rehearsals

Lindsay 'On Final Warning' From 'Speed The Plow' Director

Lindsay Lohan is due to appear on the West End stage in ‘Speed The Plow’ later this year, but it seems the actress has reverted back to her old ways, causing problems behind the scenes of the production.

It’s been reported that Lindsay has been causing all kinds of trouble, showing up to rehearsals late and unprepared after spending her evenings soaking up the London nightlife - when she’s showed up at all, that is.

Lindsay Lohan outside the Chiltern Firehouse last month

Oh dear, we’re not sure how the ‘Mean Girls’ actress’s fans will react if she’s booted out of the production for her unprofessional behaviour, particularly as some will have forked out as much as £59.50 for the pleasure of being entertained by LiLo for the evening.

This isn’t the first time Lindsay has been warned for her unprofessional behaviour, as during the filming of ‘Georgia Rule’ in 2007, a letter from the film’s director leaked to the press which outlined just how difficult the star had been to work with.

Seven years later it seemed not a great deal had changed, as she was chastised by Oprah Winfrey on the set of her reality documentary ‘Lindsay’ for refusing to show up to tape certain scenes, which she later revealed was due to a miscarriage she had suffered around the time of filming.

Lindsay is scheduled to tread the boards in 'Speed The Plow' at the West End’s Playhouse Theatre in September.

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