09/07/2014 05:52 BST | Updated 09/07/2014 07:59 BST

Tour De France Cyclists Burn An Insane Amount Of Calories (If You Guess This Figure, We'll Eat Our Cycling Helmets!)

Those cyclists competing in the 2014 Tour de France sure are impressive.

Over the three weeks of the famous competition, cyclists will ride 2,277 miles in the hope of achieving bike-riding glory.

And as they whizz by us mere mortals, the amazing lycra-clad athletes are burning a lot of calories.

tour de france

Over the 21 stages of the race, the 197 participants will burn nearly 20 million calories combined - 19,800,000 calories, to be exact.


An estimated 3.1 million people in the UK ride a bicycle each month – we may not pedal as fast, but just imagine how many calories we must burn altogether….


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