09/07/2014 06:50 BST | Updated 09/07/2014 06:59 BST

Man With 'X-Men' Powers Turns Water Into Ice With His Hand

This video shows what you'd think is some form of magic: A man puts his hand into a jar of water and as if by magic, the water turns into ice.

No he isn't some real-life mutant from X-Men he is in fact part of the YouTube Channel NurdRage just carrying out a very cool science experiment. What you're actually seeing is something called 'hot ice'.

It's not water at all, in fact it's Sodium Acetate, which, when dissolved can be chilled down to room temperature. However, place a hand coated in crystalised Socium Acetate inside the liquid and a chain reaction will take place, producing 'hot ice'.

hot ice

It's essentially the same reaction and same materials you find in re-heatable hot packs but honestly, it looks far better when you do it like this.

H-T Gizmodo