How To Stop Emotional Eating (It Could Be The End To Incessant Dieting)

Ever found yourself knee-deep in a tub of ice cream after a tough day only to counteract it by 'being good' and eating green salad for the rest of the week? This could be a sign of emotional eating.

According to Dr Jane McCartney, the author of ‘Stop Overeating’, more than 80% of people who don't succeed on a diet are stuck cite emotional eating as the main sticking point.

"It maybe all very well to be given an eating plan, exercise programme or well meaning advice," she tells HuffPost UK Lifestyle. "But unless any underlying emotional issues are identified and begun to be dealt with, sadly you are going to be going around in that ever familiar endless diet – emotional eating – diet cycle."

"There are so many different triggers which can cause emotional eating, but only once you can identify them can you start to deal with them," she adds.

Dr. McCartney shared some top tips to help overcome emotional eating.

What triggers your emotions?

Top 9 tips to manage emotional eating

Stop Overeating: The 28-day plan to end emotional eating, by Dr Jane McCartney, is available to buy on Amazon.