High-Class Prostitute Suspected Of Murdering Google Exec With Heroin

A high-class prostitute has been arrested on suspicion of murdering Google Executive Forrest Timothy Hayes by injecting heroin into his body and then leaving him when he suffered from medical complications.

In what can only be described as a story out of the very grisly corners of Hollywood, Hayes had reportedly met high-price call girl Alix Tichelman on the internet and, after a few meetings, finally invited her to his 50-foot yacht 'Escape' in Santa Cruz.

TiIchelman reportedly brought along heroin and administered it to the Google Exec, who then proceeded to suffer from severe medical complications.

According to camera footage from the boat, Tichelman made no effort to assist Hayes and instead closed the blinds, took a swig of red wine and left.

Hayes was found dead the next morning by the yacht captain. Tichelman was finally tracked by police after analysing the camera footage, followed by an elaborate sting operation in which an undercover officer promised her $1,000 to meet him in a luxury hotel.

Steve Clark, Santa Cruz Deputy Police Chief responsible for heading up the investigation said:

"She showed absolutely no regard for this person she injected with heroin, she had a responsibility to provide some lifesaving effort."

Hayes was an executive for Google whose resumé included reportedly working at the top-secret Google X division and had previously worked as senior director of worldwide operations for Apple

The Santa Cruz Sentinel, which originally reported the case, says that Hayes was described by co-workers as a family man who had a great sense of humour and a weakness for making sudden impulse purchases.