Dating Advice From 1947: Are These Tips Relevant Or Completely Out Of Touch?

Are These 1947 Dating Tips Relevant Or Completely Out Of Touch?

Nowadays, in the online dating golden age, all you need to do is log on to Tinder, swipe your way through nearby singletons and - Hey, Presto! - you've got yourself a date.

But once upon a time the dating scene wasn't so simple and lots of young people were finding it almost impossible to navigate. After all, these were the days before you could type your concerns into Google.

So, in a bid to lend a helping hand, a group of College Professors got together to create an instructional dating video under the guise the question 'Are You Popular?'.

"While the intent would seem rather simple and straightforward, this movie is actually about enforcing social norms and condemning promiscuity," writes YouTube channel, Cautious Nostalgia.

While some tips seem extremely out-of-date in the modern world - who the hell has curfew anymore? - others are to do with courtesy and respect, which is something vitally important when dating in 2014.


... make an effort with your appearance

... introduce your date to your parents

... respect curfew

... call your date to ask them out (but only if you're a man, because God forbid a woman would make the first move)


... be a serial dater (especially if you're a woman, you hussy)

... let the woman decide on a venue (her little brain may implode)

... ask someone out for a last minute date AKA a booty call (it may make them feel like a last resort)

Which of these dating tips do you think still apply today? Let us know in the comments below.