UK Weather: Britain To Sizzle This Week As Temperatures Exceed Canary Island

Britain is in for a scorcher this week with temperatures that could reach 31C by Thursday, the highest of the year so far.

The glorious weather is due to a "Spanish Plume" of hot air that could see the UK bask in weather hotter than the Canary Islands.

The hottest day of the year so far is July 4, where temperatures hit 28.7C.

Make sure you're near enough the sea this week, so you can do this

The Met Office have said the mercury will rise steadily throughout the week reaching a potential high of 31C on Thursday.

Northern and eastern parts of the country could see some cloud and rain on Monday and Wednesday.

Further south, there is a chance of thunderstorms accompanying hot and humid weather later in the week.

The sunshine will be a welcome change from the rain that blighted much of the country.

The Canary Islands are not the first hot destination to have been bested by the UK weather.

In May, parts of the country were hotter than Athens and Rome.

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