canary islands

Volcanic ash, smoke and lava have transformed the Canary Island in just 10 days.
70-year-old Frank Rothwell raised over £1 million for Alzheimer’s research by rowing across the Atlantic. The retired businessman from Oldham set off from the Canary Islands and rowed unassisted until he reached Antigua in the Caribbean, raising more funds than any previous contestant.
But people arriving from Liechtenstein will now have to quarantine.
Flights from South Tenerife continue to be grounded.
It's not just Brazil – Siberia, Greenland and the Canary islands are among the other regions fighting "unprecedented" fires.
If you and your family felt short-changed by the cool, wet August in the UK and parts of Europe this year, plenty of destinations promise warmth and sunshine for an October half-term getaway.
Normally, yoga is seen as being for middle class types trying to find themselves, with a particular penchant for tribal tattoos and herbal teas. However this November, a group of 25 Palestinians have been invited to complete their yoga training in the Canary Islands.
Tenerife is the Canary Island famous for its sandy beaches and year round sunshine, but its Walking Festival is a good introduction to over 1500 km of hiking trials and there's plenty of luxury accommodation to salve your weary limbs and make your stay a comfortable one.
The first impression that a group of migrants had as their boat approached Europe was one that might have convinced them
In need of a holiday, yesterday I visited all seven of the Canary Islands under one roof! Seven illustrators from across Europe were each sent to travel one of the seven islands for seven days, during July of this year, to illustrate whatever inspired them. The work they produced has formed a captivating exhibit in Shoreditch, #ONTHEDRAW.