Rupert Murdoch, Elderly Media Baron, Says We Should Be 'Sceptical' About Climate Change


Rupert Murdoch doesn’t understand climate change. The ageing media baron, who was interviewed on Sky News Australia - partly owned by the Murdoch empire - on Sunday, was asked about the scientific research that shows that man-made climate change will have a devastating impact on the earth over the next 100 years.

Trumpeting a view oft-heard on the Murdoch-owned Fox News channel, the octogenarian press mogul dismissed years of peer-reviewed scientific research, preferring to voice his own theory that climate change was somehow a natural process.

"We should approach climate change with great scepticism," he said. "Climate change has been going on as long as the planet is here. There will always be a little bit of it. We can't stop it, we've just got to stop building vast houses on seashores. The world has been changing for thousands and thousands of years, it’s just a lot more complicated today because we are more advanced."

Last month Fox News criticised an opinion piece in the Arizona Daily Sun entitled, "It's not censorship by ignoring those denying climate change". In the segment, the broadcaster argued that by failing to include reference to climate change denial the newspaper was ignoring "balance". In recent weeks, British comedian John Oliver mocked this notion of "balance" by pitting 97 climate scientists against three climate change deniers.

In early July, Louisiana state representative Lenar Whitney said that global warming was "the greatest deception in the history of mankind", suggesting the near-universal agreement between the globe’s scientific community was nothing more than the work of a shadowy cabal bent on empowering the US executive branch and increasing taxes.

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