'Hidden From Google' Reveals Right To Forget Applicants


'Hidden from Google' is a new website that has started listing those people who asked to have their name removed as part of the EU's 'Right to forget' law.

The website will take applications from anyone, they're then cross-checked by searching through Google and by checking the press to find high-profile applicants.

At the moment the list appears to show prominent social figures who have asked to have articles removed from Google including a referee who changed his mind after a penalty and a prominent academic at Cambridge who was found shoplifting.

The site claims that all applications will be thoroughly clarified with one of the moderators saying,

"The verification process is very simple: All links are verified by checking serch engine results. Anything that can be verified to exist on non EU google TLDs but completely absent on an EU google TLD is listed. This process applies to all links, whether they are posted on a credible news source, forum, or submitted by a user."

"To give you an idea, roughly 60% of the user submitted links do not make it through that process."

Experts have recently pointed out that the EU's Right to forget law is 'technically impossible' ti imlement, pointing out that once something has made it onto the internet it cannot be removed without extraordinary labour.

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