Human Rights

Another damning indictment of Rishi Sunak's last 12 months.
Given Israeli destruction of the Gaza Strip, critics say the rhetoric amounts to calls for forced displacement.
The president promised he would champion values like universal rights and the dignity of every person. Then the Israel-Hamas war began.
Attitudes are definitely shifting – but not always in the right direction.
Vladimir Putin still has an international arrest warrant out against him, by the way.
The power couple looked picture-perfect in the romantic Italian city ahead of their ninth wedding anniversary.
“The fact that they continue to whitewash him by giving them a platform is very worrying,” said one human rights activist.
It can feel draining to hope for change when you feel like change isn’t happening. Here's how activists and organisers keep their spirits up.
Rishi Sunak is facing a backbench rebellion over his immigration crackdown.
“We’re talking about common decency... You can’t treat people like that."