15/07/2014 05:35 BST | Updated 15/07/2014 06:59 BST

World Cup 2014 Virals Starring Tim Howard, Luis Suarez, and Ron Burgundy

The World Cup has finished, Germany are world champions and David Luiz is officially £49,999,999 over-priced according to most football fans.

The Brazil World Cup broke nearly every record in terms of social interaction, Twitter and Facebook suffered daily meltdowns from the instant memes that were created if there was a mistimed foul, a great performance in goal or quirky celebration and the most infamous incident of the Luis Suarez bite.

As did Gifs:


As it's the third time Suarez has apparently done this, we suggest a new journalism rule: 'Suarez Bites Man' is not news. 'Man Bites Suarez' is.

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