'Big Brother': Former Housemate Matthew Says Mark And Christopher's Relationship Is Not 'Genuine'

'I Don't Think Mark And Christopher's Relationship Is Genuine'

Big Brother’ evictee Matthew Davies has given his verdict on the latest goings on from the house - and revealed that he doesn’t believe the blossoming relationship between Christopher and Mark, his old BFF, is genuine.

After last week, Steven and Kimberly were all viewers could talk about thanks to their saucy shenanigans under the covers in the ‘BB’ bedroom, but it was ultimately Christopher and Mark who stole the limelight from them with their own bedroom antics, disappearing under the duvet for a cheeky snog on Saturday night.

'BB' housemates Mark and Christopher

While it looked like there could be another romance on the cards, the next morning Mark seemed distant and said he was feeling “regretful” and hungover, eventually telling Christopher after the lights went off that evening that he should sleep in his own bed that night.

Since their drunken fumble there’s been no more action between the pair, but viewers have still noticed a bit of flirtation between them, though their former housemate Matthew doesn’t think it’s a real romance.

Former housemate Matthew Davies

“I did believe that Christopher may have had a little crush on Mark in the beginning; however I was already informed by Mark himself that Christopher just wasn't his type.”


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