MH17 Passenger Apparently Took Extraordinary Photo As He Boarded

'If It Disappears, This Is What It Looks Like' - Photo Was Apparently Taken By A #MH17 Passenger As He Boarded

This extraordinary image apparently shows the moment a passenger boarding the crashed MH17 flight, saying: "If it disappears, this is what it looks like."

Almost 300 people have died including up to 10 Britons after a Malaysia Airlines passenger jet was apparently shot down near the Russia - Ukraine border.

Flight MH17 - a Boeing 777-200ER travelling from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur - was in transit over the war-torn region when it disappeared from radar screens.

Cor Pan, who describes himself as self-employed and a resident of Volendam in North Holland, posted the image earlier today shortly before the flight's scheduled takeoff.

The data on Facebook suggests it is genuine - confirming it was taken at Schiphol Airport near Amsterdam and showing it was taken shortly before the flight took off at 12:15pm local time - 11.15am UK time.

Cor Pan posted this image that suggested he was about to board MH17 before it took off from The Netherlands. It says: "If it disappears, this is what it looks like'

Friends initially posted, wishing him a good holiday.

But when news of the crash emerged, they began frantically posting and asking whether his flight was the one that had gone down and trying to confirm his flight number.

As this story went live, people were posting 'Rest in Peace' in Dutch.

A plane spotter also tweeted an image of what he said was a photo of the plane taking off.

People took to Twitter, claiming she knew people aboard the flight, describing it as "heartbreaking".

MH17 Malaysia Airline Plane


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