Amazing Vine Shows Fire In Space

Reid Wiseman has uploaded an incredible Vine which shows what happens to fire in the bleakness of space and honestly, it might be one of the oddest things we've ever seen.

The world's most socially-active astronaut; Wiseman just so happens to be aboard the International Space Station so anything he posts is, by default, going to be incredible.

Whether it's posting the first Vine from space or taking an incredible video of the Aurora as the Sun rises he's been busy keeping Earth up to date with what's happening up in orbit.

His latest post has to be his most spectacular though.

The flame is part of a study that's looking to discover what happens to combustion in a zero gravity environment, and as you can see, the results are impressive.

The tiny ball of methane ignites and burns for 20 seconds before being consumer by a second symmetrical flame then finally floating off screen.

Wiseman has been prolifically posting social media updates since he arrived whether it's showing his support for the World Cup or just capturing small moments in his spare time.

The engineer is there to help maintain the football field-sized station as well as help carry out some of the more advanced experiments that NASA and the ESA are hoping to try out.