Mugging Victim Shot After Refusing To Give Up Her Samsung Galaxy S4

A woman in Houston, Texas has been shot by a mugger after refusing to hand over her Samsung Galaxy Smartphone.

The woman, who is only known as Courtney, was approached by the man who then told her to hand over the phone or be shot.

In a moment of brave stupidity Courtney refused to hand over the smartphone, getting onto her knees and holding her hands above her head.

The mugger then shot then woman but incredibly the bullet only grazed the side of her head. She then ran into a friends house who was nearby and the mugger turned tail and ran.

With smartphones costing upwards of £600-800 it's understandable for people to place a very high value on them, and that's before you start counting the potential sentimental value that comes with the content inside it.

For Courtney however these factors were so important that for a split second, she made the decision to take the risk.

That said, any assessment of the 'blame' for this poor woman getting shot has to focus mainly on the mugger with the gun. We're not sure claiming she "chose to be shot" is quite the way Courtney would have put it.

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