With 385,782 comments and counting, Kim Kardashian fans are wondering where she has gone. Yet Kim hasn't actually GONE anywhere
A 25-year-old man has been charged with assaulting pensioner Alan Barnes, who later received almost £330,000 in donations
Student Oliver Friedfeld was mugged at gunpoint and forced to hand over his phone - yet far from condemning his attackers
A woman in Houston, Texas has been shot by a mugger after refusing to hand over her Samsung Galaxy Smartphone. The woman
I was really panicking by this point and my adrenaline had taken over, I was no longer in control of my actions. Just as I forced my way out of the car door I caught a glimpse of three tall white people strolling down the marina.
After two beautiful months travelling through India, immersing in the rich culture, indulging in the eclectic culinary offerings and meeting an inestimable amount of wonderful people, it was in Mumbai, my final stop in India, where I finally crossed trouble.
A woman with terminal cancer who was beaten up by a mugger has allowed police to release a photo of her injuries in a bid
The sun was shining, and Cape Town looked so beautiful from up high. I no longer doubted how much I loved this country, and how much it taught me. For giving me this gift that can never be robbed, I am grateful to the Gladstone Memorial Trust.
A British man has been shot dead in Central America by a gang who stole his camera, it was reported. The man, named locally
While all this emotional and physical cartography was happening externally, internally I was beset with a belly full of love flutters. There could be no mistaking the movements as gathering wind. The Interloper was growing at an almighty rate and I bludgeoned by tiredness.
Before I left Edinburgh this week, I had a drink with comedian-writer-photographer Ian Fox  who was attacked in the street last Wednesday night.
Prince Harry's friend Thomas van Straubenzee feared he was going to be stabbed when he was mugged by two men last November
Detectives are hunting a female attacker who left a young woman covered in blood after gouging her face while four men kicked
Detectives are questioning a man in connection with the mugging of a senior British diplomat who was left blinded in one
Two notorious thugs have been jailed for robbing defenceless Malaysian student Ashraf Rossli during last summer's riots. Ashraf
A have-a-go hero has been pictured springing into action and pinning down a mugger just seconds after he swiped an 82-year
Greater Manchester police have warned that 'hugger muggers' are targeting drinkers in a spate of 'friendly' muggings in the