Apple Smart Watch To Be Called The 'iTime'?

Apple's smart watch has been circling for what seems like an age now but finally there appears to be proof that Apple is indeed going to release a smart watch and that it's going to be called the Apple 'iTime'.

That rather catchy name is assigned to a smart watch patent which Apple has just had approved and pertains to the creation of a wrist-worn device with the ability to recognise voice, motion and more.

What's most interesting about this patent though is the way in which it approaches the idea of a smart watch. Instead of a single device that is worn around the wrist the patent suggests a small square device which then slots into a wrist-case, effectively turning it into a watch.

This echoes the myriad of cases that were originally made for the square iPod Nano which turned it into a simple smart watch that could play music, and tell the time.

Apple's patent seemingly builds on this suggesting a device which will come with a host of new sensors, essentially creating a wrist-worn notifications hub which can connect to your iPad, iPhone, iMac and MacBook.

It seems logical that Apple -- if they did launch an iWatch -- would want to integrate the same new features that have been announced on iOS 8 which allows any Apple device to answer a iPhone if an incoming call is detected.

Other technologies include gesture recognition which would allow you to perform simple actions just by moving your hand e.g. 'waving' away a notification.

It's all interesting stuff and potentially hints at an altogether new design for the smart watch that much of the rhetoric hasn't focused on.

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