Woman Throws Prosthetic Leg At Robbie Williams Impersonator At Guilfest (VIDEO)


A rather enthusiastic music fan gave an unsuspecting Robbie Williams impersonator more than he bargained for when she threw her prosthetic leg at him.

Blobbie Wiliams was serenading the crowds at the main stage with the pop classic 'Angels' when Heather Best, 47, launched the fake limb towards the him.

The gesture was by no means a comment on the singer's talents.

She said: "He [Blobbie] sings with a lovely voice. I'm here to have fun and to dance again.

"I used to go to Glastonbury. I work in horse racing and lost my leg through a stupid accident at work.

"This is the first festival I have been to since.

"It's good to dance even if I only have one leg."

A fine sentiment indeed...

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