How The Gym Is Increasingly Making Women 'Coregasm' - Exercise Induced Orgasm

Most of us leave the gym with aching thighs and a sweaty back but turns out some ladies get waaaay more from a workout.

Research shows more and more women are experiencing coregasm - exercise-induced orgasm (EIO).

A University of Indiana study, published in the journal Sexual and Relationship Therapy, suggests exercises most likely to induce orgasm are those which engage the abs.

Of the surveyed women who admitted to having experienced EIO, 45% held abdominal exercises responsible, 26.5% weight lifting, 20% yoga, 15.8% cycling and 13.2% running.

The average age of experiencing orgasm from exercise for the first time was found to be 18.9 years old.

Although at first the thought of improving fitness and having an orgasm sounds great, the study showed that most women do not enjoy the experience.

"Self-consciousness during exercise was commonly reported by women in the EIO group," it states.

A total of 530 women completed a cross-sectional, anonymous, internet-based survey. Although the study looked at a relatively small group, it shows there a likely a lot more women out there reaching the 'Big O' at the gym.

Debby Herbenick, co-author of the study, said: "These data are interesting because they suggest that orgasm is not necessarily a sexual event, and they may also teach us more about the bodily processes underlying women's experiences of orgasm."