23/07/2014 12:38 BST | Updated 23/07/2014 13:59 BST

Ukip's New Migration Spokesman Steven Woolfe On Party's 'Ethical Immigration Policy'

Ian Nicholson/PA Archive
(left to right) UKIP candidates Steven Woolfe, party leader Nigel Farage, Richard, Earl of Bradford and Lawrence Webb arrive at the launch of the party's London Mayoral manifesto in central London.

Ukip's new migration spokesperson Steven Woolfe has promised to forge the "most ethical immigration policy" of all the parties in the run up to the general election.

After being named migration and financial affairs spokesman today by party leader Nigel Farage, Woolfe told the Huffington Post UK that the party's stance would be to ensure that Britain remained "open to the world" while "recognising that we have finite policies that we have to manage sensibly".

Woolfe, a mixed-race Mancunian lawyer who was elected to the European Parliament for the North West in May, recently came to prominence when he made an impassioned defence of Ukip's record at attracting black and ethnic members.

Speaking at the party's pre-election rally in London, Woolfe, who has an Irish mother and an African-American father, said: "I am a proud Englishman, I am a proud Briton, I am a proud mixed race person and I am a proud member of Ukip."

A few anti-Ukip hecklers accused him of being a "faker' before being ejected by stewards, in response Woolfe referenced his own childhood: "A five-year-old child having to go home and tell his mum he was called a n****r all day at school - that's not a fake."

The new Ukip MEP told HuffPost UK that the party's message will centre on an "ethical migration policy", adding: "It is important for me that we don't stigmatise or give the impression that we are attacking individual nationalities."

"We cannot accept an open door migration policy, but we must be accepting of people coming here."

Woolfe signalled that one of the key parts of Ukip's policy platform would be a "refined" points-based migration system for Britain.

Announcing Woolfe's promotion, Farage said: "I can think of nobody better than Steven to develop and communicate policy in the absolutely crucial area of migration, which opinion surveys show is now the number one issue for voters.

"He is already brimming with ideas as to how UKIP can deliver the firm but fair immigration system that the British public craves but which is not on offer from any of the other parties.

"I have also asked him to retain a role as Financial Affairs spokesman in recognition of his expertise in the field of financial services. It is a lot of responsibility but I am confident he will take it in his stride."

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