UK Immigration

At least 16 others were taken to hospitals after the rig was found abandoned on the outskirts of San Antonio city.
Boris Johnson had said he wanted the first planes to take off within "weeks" of the policy being announced.
'It would actually be cheaper to put each asylum seeker in the Ritz hotel in London.”
Tom Pursglove would only say he would be prepared to visit the east African country.
Suella Braverman claimed the government has "a track record which I'm proud of" when it comes to welcoming refugees.
Labour's Olivia Blake says the controversial legislation represents one of the 'biggest attacks on the rights of refugees in recent memory'.
The deputy prime minister did not deny reports the government is hoping to strike a deal to fly migrants who cross the Channel to Albania.
The former president said accepting Haitian migrants was "like a death wish for our country."
Communities without neighbours, generations never born, relationships torn apart – this could be the real cost of a "points-based system".