Married Man Sees His Doctor About Stomach Cramps - Finds Out He's A Woman With Period Pains


We're guessing that when this married man went to his local doctor complaining of stomach cramps, the diagnosis he received was unexpected to say the least.

According to a Chinese man, identified as Mr Chen, visited his doctor with complaints of stomach pain and blood in his urine.

The 44-year-old underwent a CT scan, and upon further examination was told he had female genitals and was in fact experiencing period pains.

After discovering their 'male' patient had both ovaries and a uterus, the confused doctors performed a chromosome examination which revealed Chen had a pair of XX sex chromosomes, meaning that he was genetically a woman.

Although they didn't really need further confirmation, the doctors examined again to conclude that Chen didn’t have an adam’s apple or male genitalia.

The chief of the First People’s Hospital of Yongkang said: "He was wearing men’s clothes and had short hair so we didn’t think that he would be a female at the beginning."

Mr Chen is reported to have told doctors that he and his wife have had intercourse - we can't help but wonder how that worked.

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