Pro-Palestinian Protesters Storm Football Match Between Israel's Maccabi Haifa & Lille (PICTURES, VIDEO)

Pitch Invasion Sees Pro-Palestinian Protesters Clash With Israeli Football Players

A football match between Israeli team Maccabi Haifa and Lille had to be halted after pro-Palestinian protesters stormed the pitch.

Lille were leading the pre-season friendly 2-0 when the group, waving flags of Palestine, ran onto the pitch in Austria.

Scuffles broke out and some images revealed at least one player being kicked.

A protester is seen aiming a kick at one of the players

Maccabi coach Aleksandar Stanojevic is said to have punched one of the protesters, the Evening Standard reports.

The 23 July match was halted in the 86th minute and the players left the pitch unhurt.

Scuffles broke out and the match was halted in the 86th minute

In a statement reported by the Jerusalem Post, Maccabi said: “We experienced an uncomfortable atmosphere of violence on the pitch and in the stands.

“The attack was premeditated and dangerous in light of the incitement in Turkish media. [The protesters] were mostly Turkish immigrants.”

The Lille vs Maccabi Haifa match took place on 23 July in Austria

Supporters in the stands clutched banners demanding the freedom of Palestine


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