'Creepy' Porcelain Dolls Left At Family Homes With Little Girls (PICTURES)

In what could be a plot straight out of a horror film, a series of porcelain dolls have been anonymously left outside homes in California.

What’s more the dolls (eight in total) are said to look like the little girls which live in the properties in the gated community in San Clemente.

Lt Jeff Hallock of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department told KTLA: “It’s peculiar, strange and weird and all that stuff.

Is this cute on any planet?

“People are saying the dolls slightly resemble their daughters, which is creepy.”

It has also helpfully collated a list of horror films featuring possessed dolls, including The Conjuring, Child’s Play and Puppetmaster.

But fear not – all is not as sinister as it seems.

Eight dolls in total have been left on the porches of houses in a gated community in San Clemente

An investigation has uncovered the person who was doing so and has revealed the “intent was goodwill”, thought no further information was given.