'Big Brother': Luisa Zissman Returns To The House For Sexy Webcam Task, Makes Winston Show Off His Body In Strip Tease (PICS, VIDEO)

Luisa Zissman was part of one of the steamiest tasks in ‘Big Brother’ history earlier this year, when she and her fellow celebs were required to put on an x-rated show for viewers’ amusement, so it’s no surprise that she was back to her old tricks when she returned to the house on Tuesday.

The housemates are currently taking part in an Internet-themed task, which has so far seen them creating viral videos to try and entertain ‘BB’ fans.

However, Luisa’s part in the task was - needless to say - a little steamier, as she directed three of the boys in a raunchy webcam show, and she seemed to get a little hot under the collar as she delivered orders to Winston.

Winston strikes a pose as part of the task

Under the premise of the ‘Big Boy Webcam Show’, Luisa told Winston - who was dressed in a vest-top and a thong - to strike some “big boy” poses for her, giving him the chance to flex his muscles.

Getting into her role as voyeur, Luisa told him “I want to see some butt-cheek”, asked him which female housemates he’d been “thinking about in bed at night”, and then ordered him to beg on his knees.

Possibly getting a bit too caught up in the moment, Luisa then commanded him to rip open his top, shove it in his mouth and roar like a lion.

Winston rips open his shirt for Luisa

As he began beating his chest like Tarzan, Luisa told him: “OK I’m bored of you now, you can get back in your box”.


Being a former housemate, as well as a panelist on ‘Big Brother’s Bit On The Side’, Luisa has been very invested in this year’s series, and has revealed previously that she thinks Helen should have had her free pass to the final taken away when she was warned over “unacceptable” behaviour.

Watch Luisa’s encounter with Winston - as well as webcam shows by Pav and Christopher - during ‘Big Brother’ on Wednesday, 30 July at 10pm on Channel 5.