Miss England Director Hits Back Against Danielle Tyler's Claims She Was Kicked Out For Being A Mother

But, blogging for The Huffington Post UK, Miss England Director Angie Beasley and a former winner have responded to the outrage that followed.

Tyler claimed that she had got through the initial stages, saying: "I was really upset when I found out and very annoyed about it. I am a proud young mum and I even said in my application that my biggest achievement was having my daughter.

"It was only when a friend mentioned their 'no children' policy I decided to question it, and that is when I was notified by email that I could no longer take part- despite having been accepted two weeks before. I was furious to be honest. It is an outdated rule."

In response, Angie Beasley wrote: "Danielle Tyler from Derbyshire is not eligible to enter Miss England, she was never banned . The criteria is set out in advance for anyone entering. She chose not to read the rules of entry. She was never eligible to enter."

She goes on to say that there are men that fall outside the categories for entry including men, women over 25 and neither can married women. Presumably, as Beasley says, because they need to remain 'unfettered.'

Although we're not quite clear as to what duties are required that means children and husbands are obstacles holding contestants back, winner of 2009's Miss England Katrina Simpson sheds some light on this.

"Until you actually carry out the role of Miss England, you cannot possibly appreciated how much time is spent on the road, travelling from one place, or even country to another - it's all well and good saying but it's your choice etc but it would not be fair on a child to be either left for long periods or constantly travelling."