Sean Hannity Revealed: Fox News Anchor's Top 16 Most Terrifying Videos

Prepare To Be Terrified By Sean Hannity's Top 16 Moments

Little know to Britons before his epic rant against comedian Russell Brand, Sean Hannity has been one of Fox News' chief attack dogs for nearly a decade.

A true 'Murican' and darling of the tea party, Hannity is infamous for his rants against Obamacare, immigration and gun control.

He is a fierce defender of Israel, once told a lesbian "I feel sorry for your child," and he has written a book called Deliver Us from Evil: Defeating Terrorism, Despotism, and Liberalism.

Sean Hannity

The hard-right political commentator hit headlines in the UK this week after Brand laid into him in a media-crushing video take-down that quickly went viral.

For British readers unfamiliar with 'ranty Hannity' - the Fox presenter has struck an aggressively pro-Israeli line over its three-week offensive in Gaza.

In his YouTube video, Brand said that Hannity was hellbent on a context-free, aggressive shouting match rather than a reasoned discussion on the complex factors that led up to the latest round of violence.

Hannity responded in his news segment by calling the comedian "a D-list actor, better known for his failed marriage to Katy Perry."

Here are 16 of his best, worst, moments:

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