04/08/2014 08:31 BST | Updated 04/08/2014 08:59 BST

This Guy Asked 200 Total Strangers If They'd Have Sex With Him. Watch What Happened.

He didn't ask them all at the same time, we hasten to add - but one by one. So that's something, eh?

Yes, this American chap tried a, erm, interesting social experiment during his two-week trip to Europe: he asked 200 women, completely directly, if they would have sex with him.

As he says: "There was a pretty wide range of reactions from amusement, shock, interest, disinterest, disgust, flattery. The majority of people I talked to reacted positively - positively in the sense that they were not offended and actually found the whole thing interesting/humorous/amusing."

When he previously tried the same 'experiment' in America, he got a straight 200 'No's out of 200. But in Europe? Well, check out the video above to see what happened.

Our favourite responses are probably from the women who just laughed in his face. Hoorah!