Preparing For The First Day Of School (Video)

Starting school for the first time can be daunting (perhaps more so for parents than for children). Parent Channel have drafted in a team of experienced childcare and early years experts to share their advice on getting your kids ready for that all-important first day of school.

Watch the video to see their top tips, which include:

1. Stay upbeat and happy. Most children are excited to start school, even if they may have a few anxieties, so encourage this positivity by reflecting it in your own attitude.

2. Give them time to express any fears or worries. Early childhood lecturer Vicky Burghardt suggests that reading a book together about starting school might be 'a really good way of helping a child to prepare for school', as it 'enables the child to talk about some of the anxieties they've got'.

3. Try to make sure your child has the opportunity to visit the school before term starts, so he or she can familiarise themselves with their surroundings and know where their classroom will be (this is helpful for you, too).

4. See if you can find any other children who will be starting at the same school and introduce them to your son or daughter. Even if they don't immediately become fast friends, it will be nice to see a familiar face on the first day.

5. Don't worry about your child's reading or writing - focus on making sure they have practical skills like dressing themselves and making friends.

Watch the video for loads more helpful advice to ensure that everything goes smoothly come September.

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