05/08/2014 18:31 BST | Updated 06/08/2014 04:59 BST

Scottish Independence TV Debate's Funniest Tweets

So it's all over - the long-awaited Scottish Independence TV debate drew to a close with both sides claiming their man had performed the best.

Obviously some people had better things to do.

Others appeared to be of the mind it was far from a political event.

Despite the scepticism it started. Well kind of.

That's right, the only online broadcaster of the debate failed to broadcast (you can see how well people took that here).

Rumours of the implications resounded...

And solutions were forwarded.

But others found ways to watch and the full glorious Technicolor of the event was revealed.

Not really, it was a much more mundane affair.

Darling got off to a shaky start.

While other's minds began to wander.

While others simply made the most of it.

Some questioned Salmond's methods.

But then Salmond floundered.

The pressure was showing.

Others chipped in to help.

Darling shone!

Then someone asked Salmond a question in such hushed yet scathing the entire audience winced.

Then pandas made an appearance for some reason.

And aliens!

But the question still remained.

Despite the excitement though, many remained deeply confused about true nature of the event.

And the question on everyone's lips was...

At this point people were noticing just how long the debate was.

And other still, remained very confused.

At the end there was of course, a definitive result.

But some people just got on with their lives.