Scottish Independence

Former first minister says the aim is to build "super majority" for Scottish independence.
Glasgow MSP becomes the first Muslim leader of a major political party in the UK.
The former PM believes Boris Johnson should use the Armed Forces and the NHS to demonstrate the “everyday benefits” of the union.
Nicola Sturgeon to seek "legal referendum" if SNP wins Holyrood election, regardless of whether Boris Johnson agrees.
Unit formed to fight Scottish independence is said to have asked vaccine taskforce about branding Oxford injection kits.
First minister says draft bill will set out the timing, terms and question for any vote.
Former PM says it is “hard to judge” whether Scotland is on unstoppable journey to independence.
Scotland's finance secretary, and the FM's closest ally, has resigned over texts to young boy.
Former European Council president says he feels "very Scottish" after Brexit.
Scottish independence gets a fillip on the night before Brexmas.