Scottish Independence

The party has agreed on yet another new policy on how to break up the United Kingdom.
Critics believe the leader's current strategy for breaking up the UK is "as clear as mud".
Police are still investigating what happened to £660,000 raised from a previous crowdfunder.
The SNP leader's decision to resign could rejuvenate the campaign to break up the UK.
The outgoing leader said the SNP was "awash with talented individuals" who could replace her.
The SNP leader plans to turn the next general election into a "de facto referendum" on breaking up the UK.
Is this the end of Nicola Sturgeon's bid for an independent Scotland?
The SNP leader had wanted to stage another vote in October next year.
And for the first time, fewer than half of people in Northern Ireland back staying in the UK.
The favourite to be prime minister said the SNP "should be focusing on delivering for the Scottish people and fixing the mistakes they have made".