Scottish Independence

Time, it seems, may be no longer on her side
"Be in no doubt, we are living in the dying days of the British state."
Labour leader rubbishes SNP allegation he has 'sold his soul' over issue.
The big idea of the Curriculum for Excellence was to create a more student-centred approach that would deliver a better experience for children, let them enjoy school and learn in a way that allows them to achieve their potential. This remains a worthy goal, and the process is still ongoing. There is more to do. But judging from the students I interviewed at Currie, progress is definitely being made.
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The year 2013-14 came with a reputation building licence for many who were trying to break into Scottish politics. Amidst the febrile atmosphere of the referendum, individuals from both sides, who were previously only known to political anoraks, became household names. Since then, Scottish politics has been infused with new talent, of varying degrees of quality, by incorporating those who stood up, spoke out, and helped make their case during those dramatic days
It’s mid-August and Jeremy Corbyn should be relaxing with a book somewhere warm. Instead, he is brandishing a strip of Harris