06/08/2014 07:13 BST | Updated 06/08/2014 07:59 BST

Nine Times Boris Johnson Tried To Dodge Saying He Wants To Be Prime Minister

STEFAN ROUSSEAU via Getty Images
The Mayor of London Boris Johnson (L) and British Prime Minister David Cameron speak as they travel on an underground train to Westminster after visiting Harrow Skills Centre and meeting local shoppers in northwest London, on May 12, 2014, during campaigning ahead of European Parliament and local elections on May 22. AFP PHOTO / STEFAN ROUSSEAU/POOL (Photo credit should read STEFAN ROUSSEAU/AFP/Getty Images)

Boris Johnson has finally decided to stop ducking questions about his parliamentary ambitions, telling reporters this morning that "in all probability" he would look for a seat to fight for in 2015.

Insisting he would still serve out his term as London Mayor, which ends in May 2016, Johnson took pains to play down how inevitable his return to parliament could be, adding: "You should never underestimate the possibility of things going badly wrong."

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Johnson may have ended years of ducking and diving about whether he would try to return to parliament, but he still dodged the question of whether he wants to be Tory leader and ultimately prime minister as he did not want to get into "weasel words".

As a reminder, here are nine times Johnson used his own "weasel words" to avoid saying if he wants David Cameron's job.

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