Claire Wyckoff Draws Giant Penises On Cities As She Runs With GPS, And It's Brilliant

This Woman Draws Penises With GPS As She Runs

Claire Wyckoff is a runner. A runner with a project.

She draws penises with GPS.

True, her website Running Drawing isn't entirely about genitalia -- she has drawings of space invaders, pole dancers and Slimer from Ghostbusters -- but the blog seems to be mainly about male thingies, and how to draw extremely large versions of them.

To make her drawings, Wyckoff simply uses a regular GPS running app, like Nike+, which tracks her path around the city and records it on a map. By monitoring where she's running, doubling back to ensure clean lines and accurately following her planned paths, she is able to make these unique figures on the cityscape.

As she explains, it's not easy. You might even say it's (sigh) hard.

Here are some of her finest moments.


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