Israeli–Palestinian Gaza Conflict Explained In This Handy Animated Map

The French video illustrates how large Gaza is compared to Paris

The complex history and politics of the Israeli–Palestinian conflict can begin to be explained through this useful interactive map, explaining the borders, populations and locations of Gaza, Israel and the West Bank.

Israel and Hamas, the ruling party of Gaza, are currently in the second day of a three-day ceasefire, following nearly a month of violence in which nearly 2,000 people have died.

The vast majority have been Palestinian civilians in Gaza.

Israel has reportedly offered to extend the truce, but Hamas has yet to agree. A member of the Palestinian delegation at peace talks in Egypt, Moussa Abu Marzouk, wrote on Twitter: "There is no agreement to extend the ceasefire."

ليس هناك من اتفاق على التمديد للتهدئة

— د. موسى أبو مرزوق (@mosa_abumarzook) August 6, 2014

Moussa Abu Marzouk's tweet translated means "there is no agreement to extend the ceasefire"

The map and video, created by French newspaper Le Monde, also explain the key dates in the long-running conflict, such as the 2007 takeover of the Gaza strip by Hamas.

The video states that the current conflict is the fourth military intervention in the Gaza Strip in eight years.

The densely-populated area of Gaza is home to 1.8 million people.