07/08/2014 07:20 BST | Updated 07/08/2014 07:59 BST

Watch This Hacker Break Into A Car Using Nothing But His Laptop

A video has been uploaded showing a man breaking into his own car using nothing but a laptop.

Security researcher Dr Silvio Cesare exclusively revealed to Wired the technique which involves hijacking the same frequency used by your car's key fob and then tricking the car into unlocking itself.

The whole process took just 10 minutes and involved analysing the frequency of the key fob and then transmitting it back to the car.

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Dr Cesare was able to carry out the entire process using nothing more than a laptop, antenna and amplifier system with the total coming to less than £1000.

car hacking

It's clear to stress that while the procedure was carried out by an expert, Dr Cesare believes the process is easily replicated and highlights a dangerous flaw in car security systems.

He has been presenting his findings at the Black Hat security conference in America with the intention of making car manufacturers take cyber crime more seriously.

Earlier this year hackers revealed a device called the CAN Hacking Tool (CHT), a $20 piece of circuit board which when connected to the car hands over control of the lights, brakes, airbag and more.

The CHT is wireless as well which means that a person could break into the car, fit the device and then remotely control these functions in a following car from their smartphone.